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Graham Shaw Surfaces in Miami (Cryptic Title of the Month)

Wed, 23 Aug 2006 09:15

The following message has been recently received (somewhat out of the blue) from Dr. Graham Shaw - one of the best hookers ever to play for Old Yardleians.

For those who know Graham, I'm sure he would love to hear from you and he can be reached at gpshaw1461@hotmail.com


Isn't technology awesome.  Went to Old Ys site as I was
pulling on my socks to go play soccer.  No rugby now.  Messed up my knee
playing for Ealing about 10 yrs ago.

Play soccer here in US now.

Taught at med school in San Francisco now here in Miami at Barry University.
  Back single again after being married for 5 yrs (2 kids) and still
drinking shandy though not so many nowadays.

Can't say how great it was to see all my old friends on the website.  Too
numerous to mention.

Jan Ullah
Tommy Power
Simon Pigden
Charlie Jenkins
Steve Chinn
Chris Black
Leigh and Robbie
Mick Bloxam

and many many many more

I have absolutely awesome awesome awesome memories of my time at Old Ys. 
You guys really knew how to make a poor student feel special.  Maybe you
could post this on the Old Y's bulletin board or just say a big Hi to the
guys who remember me and raise a glass.

Always a bed here in Miami for an Old Y.  Remember you can take the guy out
of the old Ys but you can never take the Old Ys out of the guy.

Take care and regards to all.


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