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Belated U16s Match Reports from 1st and 8th November

Sun, 22 Nov 2009 12:00

Camp Hill vs Old Yardleians - Sunday 1st November 2009

We set off at 9:30am in appalling weather conditions to Camp Hill.
After a disappointing turn out of just 11 players Camp Hill generously lent us 4 of theirs.
The first half was tightly fought.  We had players missing in key positions and the borrowed Camp Hill lads did not quite show the same enthusiasm as our 11 warriors.  After 17 minutes Camp Hills number 24 broke through for their first try - no conversion.  More trys were to follow for the home side, after 21 minutes their number 9 ran through our backs with no tackles going in. We must work harder on our tackles lads - this is a thorn in our side every time we have a match.
After 28 minutes the game spilled over with 2 of Camp Hills players being sent off and our Dave O’Grady having to go to hospital with a nasty looking gash to his lip which we later learned needed 4 stitches, the resulting penalty to us earnt us our first try with number 8 Daniel Cushing scoring a proper forwards try.
The other Camp Hill player was dismissed when Shaun Morris, jumping for the ball from the kick off, was illegally taken out with a dangerous tackle .
More trys by Camp Hill in the 37th and 44th minute but our players had showed real fight for the cause.
In the 54th minute our number 10 Shaun Morris scored the try of the match shrugging off several Camp Hills players and being half-tackled down to the ground twice he got back to his feet and went over for a great try. From that moment on Old Yardleians went from strength to strength with tackles flying in from the outstanding Conner Rigg, Scott Wilson, Shaun Morris and co.
The final score was Camp Hill 30, Old yardleians 12.

If only we could start with 15 of our own committed players.
Sorry the report is late. Phil Cushing.

Old Yardleians vs Lichfield - Sunday 8th  November 2009

For the first time this season we had 16 players so we had the luxury of a substitute.  The less I say about this game the better for all concerned. We have worked tirelessly on set pieces in training but anybody watching this game would have thought our boys had never played together before with Old Yardleians never threatening throughout the match to get into the Lichfield half, let alone score.

Final score Old Yardleians 0 Lichfield 32. Phil Cushing - cheesed off forwards coach :o)


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