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No league or cup games so many players given 'shopping' leave and squad players get their chance.

Tue, 28 Sep 2010 01:28

A rare saturday free of cup or league pressures gave the Yards the chance to rest 9 first team players and to see what the back up players could do.  Leicestershire side, Coalville, 2 leagues higher than us in the midlands pyramid sent their 'A' xv to Tilehouse Lane for what turned out to be an exciting game with plenty of open running as well as a number of handling errors.  The Ys were again very strong in the scrum and Chris Rhodes, promoted from the Development team, challenged to good effect in the line out. The backs showed good pace but were understandably a little disjointed at times.Tries for the home team came from full-back James Hendrick, second row Dave Langley and player-coach Gary Robinson who was unstoppable from 5 meters.  Two conversions and a penalty made up the 22 points which gave the hosts the  draw which was just about deserved. This coming weekend sees the Ys travel to Redditch where they will hope to continue their unbeaten start to the league season.

Development xv

With the 1st team resting so many players there was a knock-on effect for the team as they faced a very useful Bournville 2nds, part of a club who have produced a meteoric rise in playing performances in recent seasons.  On the day the visitors were too well organised for the hosts.  Tries by 2nd row Nick Letsbeavingyou- Allen and the impressive scrum-half Tom Growcott were little more than consolation as the visitors powered to a 56-12 win.  Ellwyn (Egg), our Dev. skipper would like to thank the visitors for their generous donation towards Amnesty International, the charity which he actively supports.  This weekend sees the Development xv entertain Veseyans 2nds.

Junior teams

Sunday saw the final preparations for the season as our under 14s faced Moseley and our under 15s travelled to Kings Norton to face a combined KN/Five Ways team.  Training games divided into quarters were the order of the day and our coaching staff will now have a better idea about strength and weakness areas.
In the under 15 side we have a winger,  Tre'rail,  who ran in two length of the pitch tries and if you think that senior players such as Dino, Lee and co. have pace then come and see the club's number one speedster.
This sunday sees the under 13s at home to Kings Norton.  The under 15s are waiting for confirmation of their game.

Social News / Quiz Night

Friday 12th November  is the date for your diary on which Dave Adams and his team of helpers will organise our 3rd general knowledge quiz.  The format should be familiar to you, 8.00pm till 10.30pm, super prizes for winners and public humiliation for cheats.  Winners last time were the team led by Steve Painter (Diploma F. D.) so come and join us and try out the luxurious new furniture and you shouldn't need to sit on beer barrels this time.

Vandals XV

Saturday 25th September saw us on the season's first road trip over at the Metchley Lane playing fields in Harborne, the new home of Bournville 3rds. A club whose semi-professional First team ply their trade two leagues above us in Midlands 1 West.
Several changes to the Vandal hoarde from last week with returns to action for Roger "the Dodger" Lazenby at No.8, and Rupert "the Major" Young at blindside, with the unavailability of Barstool & the late abduction of the Shark by the Development side. Our front row this week had more hookers than Cheddar Road (c'mon we all cruised it in our late teens) with a trio of beauties in Steve "Sid" Sidwell, Rick "Swing" Lowe & Richard "Jacko" Jacks each suspended in turn between Mark "Dai" Baldwin & Shannon "Sidestep" Killarney. With the Goldbricks frequenting the 19th hole in the Fatherland (what's wrong with Hatchford Brook ) the engine room housed stunt skipper Lonie & the multi-functional Bill "Gilbert" Burrows. With Nick "the Assassin" Levy performing parental taxi services for the day the final member of an all new back row combination was Simon "Snapper" Singleton playing against his old Club, having let slip in a moment of weakness to Slow that he once played flanker.
With the General enjoying a spot of high altitude training in Kos, a debut for another former Solihull regular Iain "Johnno" Johnson at scrum half, with Ian "NASDAQ" Neville at outside half. In the centres Nick "the Barrel" Palmer & Gary "Smoking" Williams and on the wings our jelly baby procurement officer Phil "Horse" Watson and a return for Cedric "Billy Bob" Farrell and directing operations at the back Dave "Chicken" Hanson. Also on the bench Andy "sight for sore eyes" Killarney having been missing in inaction since pre-season tour and of course Captain Slow.
Bournville won the toss and opted to play up the considerable slope in the first half, see how lucky we are having a nice flat table top to play on. So NASDAQ Nev kicks off and we thunder down the slope and into them and not for the last time in the afternoon we are almost immediately penalised for playing rugby.  Bournville kick for touch and fail as it is well taken by the Major who feeds inside to Chicken who sets off on an elusive twenty metre run evading tackle after tackle with them swivel hips of his before finally being brought down just inside the Bournville twenty two. Having outrun his support with the exception of the super fit (for us) Snapper Singleton, Bournville turn the ball over and promptly drop it. First scrum to us, but oddly enough the ref sees something he doesn't like and blows up. The Bournville scrum half takes it quick, but we aren't quick enough to retreat the ten and the ref gives them another go. This time they opt to kick for touch and again they fail to find it and again we spin to win, Sid whips it inside to Chicken who finds Horse (it's a bit like Animal farm) who using gravity rolls downhill gathering defenders as he goes finally resulting in a penalty in front of the posts which Nev without the aid of our shiny new tee converts for a 3-0 lead five minutes in. (Captain's note:this is our first pot at goal in five games.....don't do it again).
From the restart we proceed to drop the ball (you know who you are Bill) and Bournville are awarded a scrum which begins a short spell of dominance by Bournville, which sees Snapper making a boat load of tackles against his old outfit, resulting in him getting a bit of a shoeing and a minor head wound. No sympathy from Nurse Slow just a dollop of Vas and told to get back on. Eventually their pressure pays off and we are penalised for offside, they kick to touch and it goes out on our twenty two. The Major jumping at two almost steals it but Bournville are awarded a scrum but the referee spots some skulduggery between Shannon & his former Camp Hill adversary and gives us a penalty which NASDAQ sends way down into the Bournville half. From the resulting lineout we are awarded another penalty and Johnno spins a quick one to Horse who makes good yards before we too are penalised. Bournville opt to kick to clear their lines.
From the lineout Bournville break out only to meet the Barrel coming downhill, and who poleaxes the ball carrier and gains the penalty for not releasing. Nev kicks for touch inside their twenty two but we lose the lineout and Bournville spin and the ball gets out one player further before Smoking flattens his man. Fortuitously Bournville are awarded the scrum, but our front five get the shunt on and we drive them off their ball, we set once, recycle and Johnno gets the line going and the ball sails through the hands of Nev, Nick & Gary out to Horse who at full tilt who goes over in the far corner for our first try of the afternoon. 8-0 with just under a quarter of an hour gone. The new tee doesn't work and Nev's attempt goes wide.
The restart goes straight into Shannon's breadbasket, we set, then drive on, but the maul breaks up goes to ground and we're pinged for not releasing. Bournville kick for position, but Snapper steals it at four (he's so light apparently Lonie reckons he could've held him there all day) we set & drive a yard or two before Johnno distributes. At which point Shannon's had enough with his opposite number they exchange handbags. Meanwhile the ball makes it's way to Chicken who puts a neat kick over the defence and is blatantly pulled back with the line at his mercy, and David demonstrates a slight sense of injustice. Cue another penalty to Bournville (did I mention Bournville was one of the refs former clubs?) anyway Bournville take it quickly and spin it down the line to their young wing who doesn't see Big Roger coming in like a freight train and he's thrown into touch like a rag doll...almost child abuse.
From the lineout we steal again and set off down the slope towards their line with our forwards, Johnno sends it out and the attendants make more yards before we set and recycle again. The ball comes out to Nev five or six metres out who sells the farm, the sink and the double glazing to their defence to go over by the posts 13-0. Unfortunately he is unable to convert his own work (do these tees need batteries or something?) Our senior citizen Sid comes off after a very creditable twenty and Jacko comes in at hooker.
Shortly after the restart (which I'm sure Shannon caught that one too) Bournville are ...wait for it, awarded a penalty, which going for distance proceed to kick it over our dead ball line for a twenty two drop out to us which gets banged down past the halfway line and Bournville manage to knock on. Scrum to us, nice steady ball from Dai & the boys, Johnno gets it away cleanly to Nev and the Barrel comes in on a trade mark scissors and scythes through their defence and is stopped about five metres out but offloads to Chicken in support to go over under the posts 18-0 Chicken has a go at the conversion as Nev is too far up the pitch but misses (are you reading this Ralph?)
The restart is well caught by Shannon, who's fast becoming a bit of a ball magnet and the ball finds its way to Jacko who hurtles up the narrow side making good yardage, we set and Bournville are drawn offside. Nev takes it has a little run before putting it up, their young winger taking a clean catch of both ball and Horse and the big man escorts him into touch. Great take by Snapper at four now being regularly launched in to the stratosphere by Lonie & Shannon and Johnno sets the backs running again and a long miss pass sees Chicken come into the line who feeds Cedric who is clattered by two defenders and the ball is knocked out of his ungloved (that's important) hands for a scrum to Bournville. Shannon & his mate are soon up to a little more slap & tickle which comes to nothing other than another penalty to Bournville as we are a judged to have brought it down. They promptly kick to touch only to throw a curve ball at the line; scrum Vandals which we lose!!!! Bournville run and first receiver kicks straight into our in-goal and knowing his laws sufficient enough to lecture Bournville about it Chicken sees it out safely for a twenty two drop out to us.
Bournville run it back with interest only for Chicken to intercept who feeds Billy-Bob, but the ball is spilled, scrum to Bournville. Our Eight decide they want it back and drive them off it again and we're off to the races and Smokes makes a great break, his pass is almost intercepted but harmlessly goes out for a lineout. Shortly afterwards Horse bulldozes his way through only to pass to a maroon shirt by mistake, the Bournville player gratefully bangs it into touch. Coming up to half time we manage to squeeze in four more penalties.
The final action of the half sees another great textbook tackle & steal by Barrel, but with things starting to get a touch fractious the referee decides to blow for the end of the first half.
Halftime 18-0  I made that 44 minutes. No changes at half time. Slow briefly chats to the ref about persistant offside, mainly because I don't understand what's going on in the scrums.
Surprisngly Lonie takes the restart, but unsurprisingly Shannon is not far away, the ball finds its' way to Cedric who sets off on a mazey run before getting stopped but we recycle and we go left, before a pass is judged forward. Scrum to the home side but they knock it on so we get the next one, from which we're pinged, they take it quick, we concede another and the ref decides to have a chat with Rog, probably about the nation's fiscal deficit, as we know he's innocent of any crime. Anyway let's have another penalty just inside our twenty two. They go and Johnno puts in a cruncher, but...ping up pops another penalty, Bournville spin but knock it on, scrum to us five metres out. Under pressure Johnno does well to get it to Nev (did I mention the offside flankers) who is engulfed and shunted out over the dead ball line. We are awarded a twenty two (not sure about that one mind) and Nev clears our lines.
Albeit briefly and Bournville scenting blood come at us hard. Bill does something good here but I can't read my own handwriting. But ping, Bournville take it quick, ping and again we're backs to the wall and on our line, Shannon's mate takes a short pop and Bill squashes him up the post. Bournville attacking get the put in but for the third time we drive them off their own ball and we run it a short distance before kicking to clear. Our kick is returned with interest but Barrel ever an oasis of calm takes the mark ten metres from our line and bangs it up with compound interest past the ten metre line.
We are penalised at the subsequent lineout and Bournville run it but knock it on. Scrum to us, but ping foot up, oh and another for not retreating the ten metres fast enough. Snapper makes another tackle we turn it over and kick to clear, and on a bit of a roll he takes the  lineout too and we spin again. But after nearly fifteen minutes of constant pressure Bournville finally get on the scoresheet with a well crafted try 18-5 conversion missed (did we lend them our tee then?). Bill takes a break & Andy K comes on.
Nev restarts and we begin to regain a bit of control. Next up Horse makes a fine tackle and steal and the ball is spun to Chicken who kicks ahead and is hit so late it's almost Monday. Referee decides to not give us the option of kick or kick for some unknown reason, sounded like it was because the hit was so late it was just plain assault so we get the kick where the player landed instead. Nev kicks to touch, but the subsequent throw is deemed not straight, scrum to Bournville, so Jacko makes amends and takes one against the head and we ship it out and Barrel goes route one. Bournville somehow manage to steal and earn a penalty, surely you don't need both and they kick for position. Rupert a nuisance at two all game long pinches their ball and we run it but there's a forward pass in there somewhere and Bournville get the scrum and yet another penalty for some misdemeanor or other. They run it and knock it on. Scrum to us, we run and Smokes kicks for touch. Bournville secure their own ball and run it down into our right hand corner their player finally getting gang tackled by three of our defenders, who simply doesn't release the ball and we are penalised for going over/not releasing the tackled player/there's an R in the month. Smoking goes ballistic, the air turns blue, and Slow's on the pitch like Arsene Wenger threatening to take us off. Bournville continue the seige of our line but are held at bay by some great goal line defence and finally we turn it over and win a scrum on our line from which both Bournville flankers detatch early, their scrum half ambles round picks the ball up from  between Rog's feet, knocks it on and still manages to score 18-10 Try converted 18-12 game really on with still twenty minutes to go.
But really fired up we take the game by the scruff of the neck and from the restart Bournville knock it on. Scrum won we drive it on and recycle twice and Cedric comes in off his wing breaks three tackles to go over midway left hand side 23-12 conversion just wide. From the restart Rick now on for Jacko goes on the attack with Roger in support, and we spin the ball out to Horse who unluckily knocks on and is not a happy bunny. Scrum to Bournville, but we get the drive on once more to disrupt their ball, but they still manage to get the kick away to touch. Simon now beginning to resemble a salmon takes a clean catch and we drive uphill a yard or two before shipping it out and Barrel puts a fine kick in to touch on their ten metre line. We nick it and Chicken sets off on a great run only for his rubber band to snap. Slow comes on at fullback before pulling rank and swapping places with Snapper.
Bournville still aren't finished and to their credit launch attack after attack, and are awarded yet another penalty on our ten metere line which they try to take quickly, Captain Slow excercising Article 3.19 of the Geneva Convention steps up to enquire what the offence is this time, but Bournville still try to take the quick one but their scrum half mysteriously falls over as he passes Slow.
Last notable action was one of the Bournville players trying to break out of his twenty two, seeing Smokes in front of him he doesn't notice Horse in stealth mode and is completely flattened...ouch that had to hurt and every Vandal and his dog clears the ruck out to to add insult to injury.  Dai goes down though not quite bloodgate and Jacko comes on for the last scrum. Ref blows up shortly afterwards.
Final score 23-12 Final age 630
A game pretty much marred by some shall I say "over-zealous" refereeing; after a recount of my notes I made it at least 32 penalties (I kid you not), not counting while I was on, and I'm sure in the excitement I've probably missed a few more, so for benefit of the doubt let's say 34 overall, so a game stopped on average just under every two & a half minutes. Not exactly my idea of an afternoon's entertainment  but credit to us we did by and large keep it together with the odd eloquent exception (yes that'd be you Smoking) who shared his skipper's sense of timing when enough was definitely becoming enough.
Two candidates for man of the match this week Snapper who made a nuisance of himself all game in the loose & excelled in the lineouts and Barrel doing what he does best making bludgeoning breaks and outstanding tackles. 
Cedric's try was our thirty sixth of the campaign so far, and Horse has now drawn level with Coatesy on seven apiece.

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