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Weather stops play but club is still very much open!

Sun, 19 Dec 2010 08:02

Boxing Day

Depending on the weather, an internal game has been arranged.  The main purpose being to claw back some of the fitness and skill you thought you had before the festive season.  Teams will be sorted on the day so just bring your kit and whats left in your wallet and enjoy the fresh air.  If by any chance the weather is not as required you could go for a run or test your snowball accuracy ability.  Naturally, the bar/kitchen should be able to satisfy your nutritional demands so get yourself a pass-out or be radical, daring or foolish enough to bring your best friend/wife with you and just see how much they appreciate your generosity.  For the exact meeting time contact your captain or any member of the committee.  I would guess that a midday start seems about right (so Pete, to you that means 10 a.m.)

New Years Eve

The club invites you to join together for a high quality night of fun, frolics and fine ales all for £10 per adult and £6 for younger ones.  A brilliant live band originally booked by Sid will get you dancing and a very tasty buffet is also included.  Car parking is free if you arrive before 10pm.


The way the calender falls means that there will be no matches until January 8th for the seniors although there is a strong rumour that Gary and Dean will put on training on new year's day. Juniors/minis should contact their managers to check arrangements specific to their own team.

And finally,

The Old Yardleians wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

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