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A better performance but another narrow defeat.

Tue, 12 Apr 2011 02:20

First XV

Club coach Gary Robinson (aka Bobo), a loyal club member from junior through the sides to first team captain and then on to Director of coaching and still a valuable player from the bench deserves more credit than our current match results suggest.  In his feedback to me a couple of days after the most recent match it is still possible to sense more than a little frustration.

In a home fixture against promoted opponents, Newbold, the Ys held the lead for a considerable part of the game.  Another powerful performance from the pack resulted in tries for Billy B,  Steve Grainger and that smooth talking prop Peter 'the Fridge' Butler.  Max converted two of the tries.  It was with only 8 minutes left on the clock that Newbold took the lead but credit to them as their record over the season cannot lie and we wish them well next season.  The final score of 19-23 was disappointing but as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, when we lose it usually is by a narrow margain.  Coach Gary has nominated Joseph Patrick as his man of the match. Joe, collect your prize pint from Pete Butler at your earliest opportunity.


Old Yardleian history was made in the match against Stourport on saturday with, at one stage, four members of that magnificent rugby family 'the Killarney's playing together for the club.  Shannon snr. who took over as chairman of our min/junior section for a 2 year stint and is still in the job 10 years later was joined by his second row brother Andy who is, he claims, younger than Shannon snr, but doesn't really look it.  Joining the fun were Shannon's two lads, Callum and Shannon jnr.  The only question to ask is, 'where were you Pat?'
The actual game was yet another success for the Vandals against a plucky Stourport but tries flowed with two each from Young Simon and Phil the Horse and one each from Nev, Rick, Rob B, Phil G, Arkell and so he claims Martyn (slow) Cartwright.  Ralph got a few kicks over and the final score was 62-5 in our favour. Full report below.

Minis and Juniors

As she who knows best booked a weekend away for us both it meant leaving Dave (Chicken) Hanson to look after the under 15 lads against local rivals Kings Norton.  With glorious weather and school holidays the number of players from both teams fell sharply.  With a couple of our boys playing for KN on a rota basis, a fast flowing game without  flankers meant that speed merchants like Tre'rail were going to flourish and Old Ys went on to win in a high scoring game. Thanks to Ron for bringing his team across to play us.

The under 14s lost to Spartans but Bill and Nigel are pleased by the progress their team has made considering it is their first season playing together.

Weekend of April 16/17

At present, the fixtures are as follows

First XV     v      Old Leams     away (league)

Development XV    v    Alcester   (home)

Vandals  XV      v  Claverdon    (away)

Under 14s  v  Aston Old Eds    (away)

Under 15    v  Lichfield      

Old Yards Vandals vs. Stourport 2nds - Sat. 9th April full report.

With the current trend of opposition crying off and Droitwich doing the double for the season, closely followed by Griffinians Tom had to cast his net a little further afield for willing (or unknowing) opposition finally enticing Stourport 2nds of Midlands 5 West (North) to make the journey to Fortress Tilehouse.
Firstly a big thanks to Mark Baldwin for agreeing to referee the game.
In the trenches this week Shannon "Steps" Killarney at loosehead, Rick "Swing" Lowe at hooker, and Bill "Bilbo" Burrows at tighthead, in the boiler room John "Fingers" Lonie and Phil "BMT" Gouldbourn with tackle twins Marcus "Shark" Hope and Nick "the Assassin" Levey on the flanks with Rupert "the Major" Young returning at  No.8.
Amongst the Gods Iain "Johnno" Johnson back from the piste alongside Ian "Nev" Neville at fly half, the versatile Rob "Barstool" Bastock partnering  Simon "Slippery" Singleton in midfield, with wings Chris "Crash" Rowe and Phil "Horse" Watson and Dave "Ralph" Rollins making up the beds.
A very large bench at our disposal this week, with a trio of Killarneys Andy, Callum & Shannon Jr, Gary "Smokin" Williams, Alan "the Colt" Arkell, Dave "Chicken" Hanson, Tom "Pickle" Mead , Billy "Wishbone" Hendon  & Captain Slow
Stunt skipper Lonie keeping up his recent run of success wins the toss and following Slow's shrewd advice opted to play towards the beer in the second half.
Shannon takes the kick off and the 677 gather round and we roll it forward, we approach our ten metre line and Bilbo takes us left and we keep going gathering Stourport moss, before Johnno sends it out and Barstool comes immediately on the crash ball and runs straight through the first couple of tackles, just about survives a tap tackle, but eventually has to stand it up as he's left everybody behind. He goes to ground and we drive over but we're pinged for hanging on to it.  Stourport opt to kick and rightly so as the ball goes out a couple of metres in front of our twenty two. The throw comes in and the Major makes sufficient contact with it for us to steal and we roll it forward a yard before Johnno sends it out to Nev who cuts out Barstool to Symes to Ralph in the line, he takes it into contact and big Phil's to him, and then the rest of the big lads join in but we nudge it forward and Stourport reply in kind and we go back for the first knock on. Not the straightest of put ins but they get away with it and we put the wheel on but they survive and spin it through the hands out to the wing where Chris makes the tackle. Barstool's too him and he comes away with it and we set, then roll.
The ball comes out and Nev chips over, and the a Stourport player knocks it on as he attempts to pick it up and we get the scrum. Steady ball Johnno to Nev, he dummies Barstool and passes to Ralph who finds Crash who takes it on and goes to ground, the Assassin's to him first and we spin again, Nev to Shannon who's on his own so he sends a long pass out to Horse who sets off and hands off the first one, but the ball spills forward and Stourport get the scrum. We get the shove on a bit too early and Mark has a word. We have another go and try to turn them and Johnno harries his man as he goes to pick up and ball goes backwards, it's picked up but the Assassin has him and BMT tidies it up and plays it and the Major takes it on. We're ten metres or so from the Stourport line, but the pass that comes out misses everybody and it's Ralph who finally collects it and pops it to Nev, to Horse to Symes but the onward pass goes between Chris' hands and Stourport recover but are driven into touch.
Stourport don't compete at the line but Rick's throw is not straight and they get the scrum. Rick makes up for his curve ball as he takes one against the head and Rupe picks up but he's tackled, turned over and the Stourport scrum half obligingly kicks it into Horse's hands and he sets off breaking through the first tackle then after acumulating a couple of Stourport players he offloads to Rick but it goes to ground, and Barstool picks it up and finds Johnno who looks for the gap; he finds Marcus who takes it into contact, we recycle Johnno finds Ralph on the narrow side and then in the game's comic moment Ralph kicks ahead and the ball ricochets back off a Stourport player which in turn ricochets back off Ralph and with the line begging Ralph simply can't pick the blessed thing up despite having three goes at it, Slow cracks up and Stourport get the put in about ten metres from their goal line.
At the scrum Johnno is pinged for offside and Stourport clear their lines the ball going out just on halfway. The throw's knocked on by Stourport in the line and Big Phil pinches it and Nick Levey tidies up, but Mark decides no real advantage is gained and we get the scrum. Johnno's caught at the base and it's nudged forward and Stourport get the scrum. But again we drive them off it and Rupe picks up and feeds Johnno, to Nev who weaves his way to the gain line before passing back inside to Nick who in turn finds Marcus who's held up and Rupe and Nick clear it out, Rick takes it close, and then Johnno comes away with it, dummies Barstool and passes to Symes who brings it all the way back the long way before spotting the gap, cutting through and going over under the posts for the afternoon's first score 5-0. Simple matter for Ralph 7-0.
The restart, being kind, only goes about five metres, and we come back for the scrum, steady ball and Johnno sets off and passes to Barstool but the ball cannons off Rob's manly chest so we have another scrum moreorless back on the halfway line. We innocently wheel the scrum and it goes 180 and we have another one, this time the Major picks & goes, he breaks through the first tackle and Marcus is first to him and we all set round and drive them on a few more yards the ball safely at the with Rick, before Johnno sends it out to Nev, who's onward pass goes through Barstool's hands but backwards but it's swept up by Ralph. He has to stand it up and wait for the green machine to gather round, the Assassin digs it out and passes to Lonie. Johnno opts for the short pop to Barstool who bulldozes his way through three or four before offloading to big Phil, then Rupe has a go and takes it into contact as Mark signals penalty advantage. Slippery steps in at scrum half and sends it out, dummy shout by Shark, ball finds Ralph, he passes to Chris on the wing who makes good ground, Mark deems advantage over just as the ball finds its way into touch for a lineout to Stourport.
It's not straight, but Mark plays good advantage as it goes loose and Nick pounces on it and flips it up off the deck to BMT but he knocks on, Mark again playing advantage allows Stour to try and counterattack but the ball carrier is halted in his tracks by a big hit from Barstool, and we come back for the knock on a metre inside their twenty two. Rick pinches it and Rupe picks up, he offloads to Johnno, who finds Nev who looks at first to stand it up, then decides to go looking for friends, sells a couple of dummies, keeps going and scores a great individual try in the corner 12-0.
It's a long deep restart and it's Johnno who collects in our twenty two and passes to Ralph who puts in a great kick to touch the ball going out on the halfway line. Shark does enough to deflect the Stourport throw and Johnno spins it to Nev, dummy scissors on Barstool, and pass finds Simon, to Ralph to Crash who takes it at pace and makes ten metres before being driven into touch.
It's another great steal by Marcus and Rick pounces on the tap down and Stourport pounce on him, but we manage to get the ball back and It's Shark who eventually comes away with it, dummies the Assassin, puts in a couple of those effective hand offs before giving Nick a real pass who in turn finds the Major, the back row working well. Rupe takes it into contact and having outrun the support we hang on to it a little too long and Sir blows for not releasing. Stourport kick to touch, the ball going out between the ten and halfway line.
It's a long throw and Nick does enough to put their No.8 off and Johnno picks up and distributes, Barstool taking the crash ball and Nick's to him but the ball comes loose and a Stourport forward fly hacks it forward and Slippery picks up,kicks ahead and gives chase, the ball landing in their twenty two and rolls towards their line. Their fullback is forced to play it as Simon shadows him and he's forced to kick short as a result the ball going out just inside their twenty two. Shark takes at two but Sir blows for not straight and Stour get the put in, but fortune smiles as the Stourport scrum forgets to take the ball with him and knocks on at the base. Scrum Yards, the Major picks up but Stourport have come round offside, penalty Yards. Johnno takes it quickly, to Nev to Ralph, long pass to Horse who cuts back inside and nobody wants to know as he goes over under the posts 17-0 Easy one for Ralph 19-0.
The restart evades every body's attention drops finally into the twenty two and it's left to Horse to take responsibility and he wellies it into touch for a lineout to Stourport. Rupert manages to get his hands in and disrupts the Stour throw and BMT jumps on the loose ball, but whistle goes Sir deciding it's gone marginally forward off the Major. Scrum Stourport, we put the wheel on, but the scrum half picks up, comes blind and chips straight into touch, lineout Yards. Nick Levey ends up with the ball at the lineout, and the Major digs it out, Johnno calls "chaos" and Bilbo takes it blind, offloads to Shannon who takes it into contact, Johnno calls "chaos" again and Rick has a go next and he goes to ground, big Phil makes the bridge, Johnno sends it out to Nev who pops it to Nev on the inside pass and breaks into open field, he finds Barstool who passes to Lonie in support, he crosses the twenty two, looks for someone to pass to finds Slippery who takes a great catch (or does that say something about John's pass) and Symes burns the remains of the cover to score his second 24-0 Ralph adds the extra points 26-0 and the stats say game over as we pass the magic 22.
Big Phil takes the restart, and offloads in the tackle to Swing, he takes it on a yard before going to ground and Stourport are penalised for coming over the top. We try to take it quickly but Sir's having none of it so Nev opts to clear but his kick doesn't make touch instead it stands up nicely on the hard ground and the Stourport fullback collects and kicks for touch but takes a deflection off big Phil's hands on the way out, the ball finally going out just inside their ten metre line. Marcus takes their ball almost as if it was thrown to him and we set, Johnno calls "chaos" and we go tight, first up is the Major, then Rick as we attempt to soften up the fringes but Sir decides that Swing's hung onto the ball a little too long and blows, the Stourport scrum half, probably their best player certainly their most lively takes it quickly goes inside then outside doing a number on the first two would be tacklers and heads off towards the corner where finds one of his wingers in support and he goes over wide out to open their account 26-5 conversion missed and with a couple of minutes to go that's the last of the half's meaningful action.
Halftime 26-5  Not much to say all going according to plan. The Assassin struggling with his knee comes off, Crash nursing his Achilles rather reluctantly moves onto the flank and newly arrived Smokin' goes onto the wing.
It's a clean catch by Stourport and they set but their attempted kick for position cannons off Nev, and Shark chases down the loose ball, snaffles it up and offloads it to Barstool at pace who finds Rick in support and Swing goes over to score our season's fastest try from a kick off as I made it 15 seconds from start to finish!!(I kid you not) 31-5 Ralph converts to increase our lead to 33-5 if only we could do that sort of thing from the start. Crash has to admit defeat and comes off and Shannon Jr replaces him on the flank.
The Stepmeister takes the restart catch and sets off into traffic, and we set, Johnno to Nev who puts one over the top and into touch for a lineout to Stourport. It's a long over the top, but Gethin adjudges it's not straight and we get the scrum. But they take one against the head (did they?) and their No.8 picks up and goes but he's felled by Shark and the ball comes free and we turn it back over, Smokin' gathers and sends a long one out to Ralph who's perfectly timed pass finds Slippery who sets the Horse free, he burns the first would be defender, then a second and heads for the line and goes over for his second of the day 38-5 Ralph's conversion is unsuccessful.
At which point the Colt Arkell comes for the Major, Wishbone for Bilbo and Killarney No.3 Callum for Johnno.
It's a big shout from Shannon the Younger at the restart not realising that it's his dad's job so he defers to Shannon the elder, who offloads to the Colt who makes great ground before popping it to BMT, he makes another few yards before we set, Callum finds Nev who chips ahead the ball going out just outside the Stourport twenty two. They secure good ball and spin, the fly half takes it on a yard before passing to their tall centre, but he's hunted down by Slippery and Horse strips him of the ball and flips it off the deck to Simon who finds Barstool who goes route one, he's finally held up about six or seven metres out, and Callum whips it out to Arkell who bludgeons his way over...now that's what you call an impact substitution 43-5. Kick unsuccessful.
Slippery comes off obviously saving himself for his upcoming holiday and Smoking moves to centre, Chicken replaces him on the wing and Horse canters off and Sapper Pickle comes on.
Shannon Sr takes the restart catch and Callum sends it out to Nev and he puts a good one over the top and Chicken gives chase, it's a real worker and the full back has no option but to clear to touch. Big Phil takes the catch at the second attempt and the green machine mauls it forward the ball secure in Rick's sweaty palms, Callum decides to call a halt to proceedings and sends out a long one, so long it flies past Nev and bounces past Barstool and it's left to Smokin' to tidy it up along with a couple of defenders. We set but we fanny about a little too long and the ball goes to ground and a Stourport boot hoofs it forward and Pickle has to cover back and put it into touch.
Both catchers are up nice and early first Stourport then Shark so we have another go, ball sails long and the No.8 takes the catch and he's dumped by Shannon Jr. They manage to retain possession and their scrum half sends it out to the fly half who's miss pass finds the outside centre who in turn finds his winger and again Shannon Jr makes the tackle and we turn it over, brother Callum finds Ralph who finds Nev who kicks to clear just inside our twenty two. The Stourport jumper's up at least an hour early  and Gethin's whistle goes, Shark's first to the ball and follows Mark to the spot to take it quickly but Nev takes it in the end and puts a high one up Shannon Jr's under it first but it's a tricky bounce inside the Stourport ten and it ricochets off his head and Stourport try to mount an attack but Barstool makes the tackle and strips it and passes to Billy Hendon who finds Callum and the ball comes wide to Arkell who grubbers ahead (apparently expecting Chicken to run onto it) and the ball goes out just outside the Stour twenty two. Then history is made as Andy Killarney comes on for John Lonie and all four of the Killarney rugby dynasty are on together.

We fluff our lines and the ball goes forward at the subsequent lineout, Gethin plays advantage and Stourport promptly kick it away Ralph leaves it to Smokin' and Gary lets him have the pass instead Ralph kicks but it's charged down but Pickle collects the ricochet and takes it into contact and then to ground and Big Phil takes it on next; he's tackled and Andy clears the way for nephew Callum to pop it to Barstool who finds Chicken looking for trade. He's tackled and we recycle Callum brings it out wide looking for his strike runners but finds Rick instead and he takes it into contact, we set and Callum spins it out again to Nev to Shannon Sr, to Chicken back inside to Wishbone, but it's forward and whistle goes but Gethin's slyly being playing advantage for a Stourport offside. Nev takes it quickly but a touch too quickly for Sir and we have to have another go, Nev looks to kick but pops it to the Colt who boshes through a couple and gets almost to the line, Rick picks up and has a go himself (now suffering from white line fever) and he's tackled and Sir deems he's not releasing and is pinged.
Stourport clear to touch the ball going out between their twenty two and ten metre line; they throw long and their nippy scrum half comes away with it and goes, evading Pickle's less than convincing tackle and heads for the corner and it's left to Chicken to head him off at the pass and in doing so saving a certain try, and for Ralph to clear to touch. Big Phil pinches their ball and breaks through their lineout and makes ten yards, fifteen, twenty keeping them long legs pumping, he passes to Shannon Jr and we set. Callum zips it to Nev, to Marcus back to Callum, back to Nev who chips it over the top the ball going out between the Stourport ten and twenty two.
The throws not straight and we get the scrum with thirteen minutes to play, steady ball Callum to Nev and he brings Rob in on the scissors and boshes his way straight through and scores under the posts 48-5 Ralph converts and we pass the fifty mark for the eighth time this season
Ball goes over the heads of the elder Killarney brothers and we have to set just on our twenty two and Callum sends it out to Nev, to Barstool to Smokin' to Chicken and he sets off, burns his man, then puts it back inside to Smokin' who has to stand it up, he keeps the legs pumping and waits for help to arrive, first is Shannon Jr, he takes it on a yard then goes to ground. Callum out to Nev, dummy Barstool pops it to Shark but it goes forward in the tackle, scrum to Stourport, ten minutes to go. Looks a bit crooked but Sir's feeling generous, scrum half picks up looks to go one way has to come back the other and finds his fly half, he puts a long loopy miss pass out to his winger who gets Smokin' too, Gary turns him then strips him, pops it to Barstool who finds young Shannon and we set again. Brother Callum spins it out to Nev over the the top of their loitering No.8 to Chicken to Ralph to Shannon, back to Chicken as we start to play a bit of sevens keeping the ball alive, but finally we knock it on for a scrum to Stourport.
Slow swaps places with Shark for the final 7 or 8 minutes, time enough to pinch the ball off Andy K at a maul about five metres out from the Stourport line and to rather theatrically dive over for  his maiden try of the season 55-5 Ralph steps up and slots his sixth conversion of the  afternoon  57-5.
Big Phil scores our final & tenth try of the afternoon after a bit of solo magic from Smokin' who sidesteps and burns his way to within inches of the line only to get held up but is able to offload in the tackle to BMT to topple over like the big Redwood he is 62-5 Kick is unsuccessful and Mark brings proceedings to a close.
Final Score 62-5 Final Age a youthful 602 (still over forty even with Pickle, Shannon Jr & Callum)
Man in the dirtiest shirt goes to Nev for a consumate display of the fly half's dark arts.
Our ten try haul bringing us our 27th victory of the season and puts us within touching distance of two hundred tries and 1200 points.
Good to see Squealer on the sideline especially given the serious nature of his injury.
This week on the menu with Claverdon going the way of Warley, Eds, Droitwich, Exiles & Griffinians will be Woodrush 2nds at Woodrush.

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