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A message from the captain (Tommo's Vision)

Sun, 17 Jul 2011 01:01

Newly elected First XV skipper, Anthony Thompson, sends out his message in no uncertain terms.
He is not prepared to lurk near the bottom end of the league as the squad surely has the potential to achieve promotion.  Having studied his sun-dial he has made it very clear that as we are now in july all players should be training on Tuesday evenings and saturday afternoons under the direction of our coach Bobo. No excuses please but contact Tommo or Bobo if you have a genuine reason for not attending training.

I want this to be clear to you,  I am not checking up on any of our players as to why they are not training but there are one or two points that have to be explained.  Someone told 'She who is nearly always right and when she isn't right its because you were not listening properly' that she would look good in boots.  So out she goes to the outdoor pursuits shop and spends a small fortune on a pair of walking boots.  This means that they have to be used so on saturday afternoon 3 blokes, 3 wives and a dog (Fluke), went for a stroll, armed with umbrellas etc.  Well, as we passed through Dickens Heath it was considered important to check a well known bar and who did we spot but that law enforcement officer,'Acting Sergeant Lurch' and his drinking partner, who else but his grandad.  Nick's excuse for not training was that he has a rather lengthy delay to the start of his playing season.  Remember Nick, that the referee is always right! 

The walk was coming to an end as Fluke decided that a swim in the canal would be a good idea.  I am not certain that Mrs Brown agreed judging by the change of facial expression.  Anyway, our final destination was the pub, now more of a steak house, formerly known as The Pickwick.  As we were tucking into our salads out of the corner of my eye I happened to spot the two Dai's, Baldwin and Langley.  I don't think either were following the club guidelines on nutrition judging by the double sized mixed grills on their plates.  Boys, your secret is safe with me! and if you think a pink shirt is o.k. then that is your choice as we do live in a free country.

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