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Fri, 19 Aug 2011 12:53

She of celtic origin had decided that we would visit the Millenium Stadium for a combined wine tasting and rugby weekend.  Lucky really that we went with the burial man as he was on hand to witness the imminent death of English rugby.  With considerable possession and visits to the welsh 5 metre line, you might have expected a try or two but nothing happened and the southern hemisphere sides have every right to smile, just as the wine bar owners of Cardiff do when She who gets loud and her friend in vino get going.  It was good to see Lee, our utility forward / soldier in the stadium and also, sat right in front of us, Ann-Marie.

This meant that I missed the other big rugby event of the day the 'Moss Goode Annual 15 a side' that was taking part at the Old Ys on the same day.  In an attempt to see how things went I phoned  Mark Baldwin on saturday evening but got the same alcohol driven reply that Wales had won.  I knew that Mark because I was actually there.  Never mind!

Anyway, in order to get some sense, I contacted Shannon,who made a massive contribution to the day by putting together 360 ham and cheese baps.  I thought it kind not to come out with sayings such as 'an army goes to battle on its stomach' or something along those lines.

Now for the rugby.  Congratulations to tournament winners, Wolverhampton, who not only beat the Yards in their opening game by the only try of the match, but who also beat Tamworth and Sils on the way to the final where they met and defeated Droitwich.

The plate honours went to Ashby via a system that makes 'the Duckworth Lewis' look simple.  But well done Ashby who turned up with 30 players, which was 30 more than Kidderminster managed on the day!

What about the Ys?  Well, a mainly young squad including a number of lads from the Development side represented the club on the day.  We lost against wolves, beat Tamworth and lost in the semis against Droitwich.

How do we judge the success of the day as a whole?  Our club president, himself a businessman of note, has the view that you judge the level of success by the takings over the bar.  In that case the day was a success and the club is grateful to all of those who made a contribution in one way or another.

Thanks to the North Mids referees, Tony, Rob, Jim and Craig, to the visiting teams and their supporters, to Moss Goode's sister, Jane for sponsoring the day and to Martyn and Mark for organising the day.  For Phil Painter for producing/printing the programmes which were brilliant and for Super Dave for publicity both in the local press and on this website.  More thanks to the 'Jamie Oliver lookalikes' on the BBQ,i.e. Sid, Tom and Pricey.  To Pat for the raffle and many other bits and to the family, friends and neighbours for their help.  Steve C. cheers mate for setting up the flags and post protectors and then working behind the bar for most of the day. More thank you's, this time to Brian for producing high quality pitches and to Robbie for providing high quality beer, to Mike and Jackie particularly for their shopping expeditions, and to Jan and Bill for car parking, and to Kim and young Jack for helping everywhere. Shannon and the club would like to thank all of you and apologises if he has missed you off the list.

It was good to see visitors from across the planet including Blox from Erdington, Houghy from Sheldon, Bert from Malvern and Tex and Maggie all the way from Hall Green.

Congratilations to Jackie Jenkins (wife of highly rated former hooker, Dave) on her birthday today.

Finally,  don't be fooled, the Frenchman knows what he is doing.  It just doesn't always look that way.

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