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Tue, 27 Sep 2011 03:11

Select any of the above words and consider their importance in becoming a successful rugby team.  Weddings on match days, lovers in Wales, wives having babies during the rugby season, holidays abroad etc.  Not a good start boys and you could even say it is a little embarassing so lets stop messing about.  We have the talent so lets make use of it.

Now on the Mini and Junior front things are looking good with numbers increasing.  Not only of players but of coaches and helpers getting involved, even young Cederic. Most of our youngsters play their first game next week (Oct 9th) but the under 16s played a warm up game against the Birmingham Exiles and showed a lot of skill and determination, winning against a very decent side by 30 points.

The Quiz

Fridge tells me he has been collecting information but more likely, in my opinion, he thinks that there will be a buffet. This friday 7.30 at the club, teams of up to 6 (more than 6 you divide into two teams).  Dave's quiz is not to be missed, open to non-members as well as our regulars.  Profits shared between charity and mini/junior sections of our club.  Super prizes and you don't need to be highly intelligent, as you may recall Steve Painter and team won a previous quiz.


Well done on gaining your refs badges to Shannon, Sid, Fridge and Chicken.  Staggering when you think about it!

Stars from the past take a day out

Ex coach Rick had an idea.  Why not take a day trip to watch a premiership match?  So, the purchase of 8 tickets at over £30 each to watch Leicester 2nd team (first team nearly all in world cup) get torn apart by South Africa (aka Saracens) was in motion.  She who thinks anything less than the Millenium Stadium as being unsuitable for her to appear at had set up a girls night out so I guess that means another place will have run out of 'Pinot Grigio'.
Anyway, the full set of 8 got to New Street in time to catch the 11.22 to Leicester.  As the nominated sober one, it was interesting to watch the boys in action. Too old to chase women the activity cards were designed to drink without moderation, eat any crap that could be bought and inform the rugby followers what was going wrong.
Staying at the stadium to replace fluids lost through snoring or dribbling, yours truly spotted a door that had been left unlocked and surprise it led onto the pitch.  One of our senior ex-stars ws busy telling us how he had played there already as well as at the Stoop, Bath Rec and probably the stadium on the Moon (only joking Rob).  Brownie, two-try Fagan and Bob Anderson thought the playing surface was the best they had ever trodden on but me, I know that Brian Collingwood produces the ultimate carpet of grass.  Just in case you thought I had forgotten him, our ex-hooker with a welsh heritage attempted his bit of one upmanship by giving £1 to a young lad (should I continue?) to borrow his rugby ball in order to kick a conversion in front of the posts.  Now you know mate it ain't so easy is it! Steve (Dip. F. D.) said he never kicked the ball anyway.  Maybe not the ball but most of your team mates as far as I recall.
Rick, excellent day, well done.  Even the Gunners won and bring on the Spurs next and we'll do the same to them.

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