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Thu, 27 Oct 2011 12:01

Arkell's 'Club Tour Easter 2012

A little bit of clarification for the boys in the front row.

Peter, the Turkey you were thinking about (apart from your Christmas dinner) with very hot climate and where a lot of the blokes allegedly wear Tommy Cooper hats known as 'Fez'.  That ain't where Arkell's tour is going.

Pickle, man of many romances in the rural world of Meriden,  the 'tour key' that lets you in and out of your hotel room is nothing to do with Arkell's Easter cultural and sporting excursion.

The Torquay that is the venue for the Old Yardleians 2012 Easter Tour is the one in Devon on the 'English Riviera'.

So lads make a note of the details (see Alan Arkell to reserve your place) and in the meantime don't plan anything as wild as a wedding or pregnancy that would clash with the date  of the tour.


Think of a 'Guy'.  Not Guy Smith , not even Guy Shears, but the one in mind is Guy Fawkes and as tradition demands the club is celebrating Guy Fawkes night on saturday 5th of november with a bonfire, fireworks and all the usual Old Ys activity such as eating, drinking and social intercourse. Debbie wants you there so be there.


The young stars of the future were performing last sunday.  The under 7/8 went to Bournville and Chris, our manager. was pleased with the boys.  The age groups were mixed and played two games, winning one and losing the other.

The under 11s played hosts to a well-organised Bournville side and with our two speedy try scorers both on holiday we lacked the finishing power even though we enjoyed plenty of possession and the visitors took their chances very well indeed.  A special mention to the mother (I won't name her at this stage) of a new player to the club who left home at 8.00 a.m.to make sure that she found us in good time. Make yourself known to our mini/juniors chairman, Graham, and he will treat you to a cup of tea.


The first XV played their second home league match of the season against a Southam team that we would usually expect to have a close game with. However, with a back division with defensively more holes in it than a tea bag and with woeful kicking from the hand, we got what we deserved, a stuffing.  The only real plus was the return of the inspirational Steve Grainger to our back row from where he scored our only try.  I hope that their player who held up Luke and so prevented a try has recovered.  His imprint can still be seen in the ground under the posts.

The Development XV with the help of a couple of 'oldies' entertained Harborne and showed their class in winning by 50-7.  Shannon jnr. and snr. both starred and it was good to see Matthew aka Crouchy making a comeback.


Saturday            First XV        v     Pinley  (away)   League
                          Dev  XV       v     Veseyans  (home)
                          Vandals         v     Handsworth  (away)

Sunday              Training at Old Yards for under 7/8, 9 ,  11    (day off for under16s)


She who is painting the bathroom ceiling is too busy to report to us.  She says that she bets nobody ever interupted Michaelangelo when he was busy with his brushes.

The recovery has started.  Mr Wenger, we never doubted you.  And didn't it hurt to watch Man U get stuffed, oh the pain!


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