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Are the Yards as gloomy as the autumn weather?

Thu, 17 Nov 2011 01:59

Is there a connection? Just as the weather becomes miserable so does the rugby on a saturday afternoon also become dark, dreary and unpredictable?  On arrival at the club on saturday, I was unsure if the half empty (or half full) car park was due to the quality of our First Team performances or due to our Development team being let down late in the day by their Black Country opponents.  To be honest, it was due to both of these suggestions.  Individually, the skills are in place but our unit skills and tactical awareness are not really visible and that can only be put right on the training pitch.

Senior rugby

First XV  were well beaten by league leaders Earlsdon.
Dev  XV  are still waiting for their opponents to arrive.
Vandals XV  visited Dudley and won, by 21 - 7 but since Martyn resigned as skipper, our match reports have gone from one extreme to the other.

Junior Rugby

Under 16s   played at home to Kings Norton, yet another team that never gives in and credit to their boys as well as Chris their coach.  Pressure told and we won a lot of ball and tries eventually came and our victory, in the end, was convincing.  A special mention to our front row star, Josh, who played his first game since breaking his leg earlier in the season and it looked like he had never been away
The other teams had  training.


Saturday at 2.15      First XV   v    Evesham   (away)  League
                               Dev  XV   v    Silhillians   
                               Vandals XV  v Harborne  (home)

Sunday   at 10.15    Under 7, 8 , 9, 11   are all playing a triangular at Kings Norton with the third side taking part being Claverdon.
We are waiting to hear from possible opponents for the under 16s and if there is no game for them, training will be at Old Ys not the Portway as previously stated.

Well Done
to Debs and her team for the successful bonfire party.
Also to Dave Hanson (once known as Chicken) for refereeing his first game last sunday in our under 16 v Kings Norton.  Dave managed quite well in his switch of communication medium from voice to whistle.  With Sid doing the previous week that just leaves Pete, the Fridge, Butler to get his second career started.  Remeber Pete, just like other skills you might have once possessed, 'use it or lose it'.

From the past

On my recent fact-finding mission to another local club I spotted a couple of ex-Yards players.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to chat to Steve, now a proud Grandad, Rabone, but did chat to one of our best ever forwards, Will Hart, who might come and offer his vast experience to the club, especially as Kevin Grant is now part of our coaching / management team on a sunday morning.

Also seen at the Old Ys last week was that punchbag of a scrum-half Jan Ullah.  It could be coincidence but his local, The George, has recently shut down!

And Finally

Having recently visited Leeds for my youngest child's birthday,  She, for whom time is endless, decided that shopping was essential.  One and a half hours later as they emerged from the same shoe shop, during which time I had sat outside reading a newspaper from front to back and top to bottom a debate began regarding time.  Well, would you believe it, an average game of rugby lasts for about 90 minutes and which is more valuable a visit to a quality shoe shop or a silly game of rugby.  Well, what do you think? answers on a shoe box.

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