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Tue, 01 May 2012 01:24

Whilst watching our vets in action at The Eds last saturday it was fascinating to join in a conversation with Robbie D., Don Deneny (one time Trinity Guild star full-back) and former Holy Trinity RC Schoolboy, Peter Butler.   Peter 'The Fridge' informed us that it was that time in the rugby season when the ancient God Janus sprang to mind.  Robbie, impressed by his front row colleague's depth of knowledge went on to explain that Janus was two headed and looked into the past as well as the future.  The only link with Janus that I  was aware of was the bitterly cold weather but our academic tight-heads had enough protective flesh to keep out the elements.

So where is this taking us?

Peter is thinking about his contribution to the non-playing aspects of the club and he reminded us that the AGM was to take place this friday 4th May at the club, doors open 7.00 pm and the meeting starting at 7.30 prompt. 

Robbie, who had a brief but impressive career as a destructive tight-head prop, then reminded us that this saturday was President's Day at the club.  The action begins at around lunch-time and includes rugby matches for our younger teams as well as the seniors and with refreshments available throughout the day and entertainment of a vocal style it should be worth an hour or two of your time.  Tom our weather forecaster promises fine weather and Bill (car park maestro) Collins will let you park for free. Our President, S.W.Sidwell will engage you in conversation (unless you see him approaching) and it will be a great opportunity for Old Yardleians, young and not so young to enjoy a feast of rugby.

Now what was that reference to Janus all about?  Peter says that the President's Day is when we look back (does that include our first team's successful attempt at relegation?) on many positive achievements.  He then explains that the AGM is where the future of the club is planned.

So now we know.

And finally,

Manchester City or Manchester Unitedin all honesty who cares?
Sorry Harry but it was never meant to be.

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