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Thu, 21 Jun 2012 06:12

Pre-season training

With the first few training sessions being geared towards fitness and conditioning, I had a feeling that the turn out would be on the disappointing side for the first few sessions. But no, I was wrong and I don't say that too often. Firstly, Saturday afternoon,  it was hammering it down but over 30 of our senior players were giving it their very best.  Tuesday evening, and the weather was nice but the England v Ukraine match was taking place.  However, 40 of our players were giving it all again, even Fridge, although the rumour that a free BBQ might have reached his ears and belly but I could be misjudging the man.  A great deal of credit to Mark (hon treasurer) for leading the sessions and for acquiring the fascinating array of training equipment which the lads clearly enjoyed.

Some photos for your perusal

Been there, done it!

Its my shed so keep out!

Mark's holiday home.


Should get a bob or two for these!

Steve's Youth Policy!

Watching Big Brother

We Watch, You Work !

The car park

She who has stepped into many puddles when gracing the club with her presence, will have a big surprise when she next attends the club.  I will say no more at this point.

Wales and Watts

Tex and Chris, two legends from the 'good old days' are aiming to win back their title as 'Old Yards' quiz champions when they come to the club on Friday 6th July.  Let's make sure they have some opposition, even front row players. Remember, 7.30 start and super prizes for the winners.

And finally

It was interesting to watch a game of 'Aussie Rules' at the club on Saturday with the Birmingham based 'Bears' being taught a lesson by their Yorkshire opposition.  They showed a lot of spirit but as for skill, the jury is still out !

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