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Preparation continues regardless of the weather.

Mon, 23 Jul 2012 01:30

Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry, Windy or Calm

As we all know, a good team will be prepared for action whatever the weather has to offer and Mark and Richard have the experience and vision to plan accordingly. Mark has many valuable contacts but to arrange the various climatic conditions needed surprised even me.  Although I was away on saturday in the 'Land of My Fathers' having made use of the M50 which must be due for a place in the Guiness Book of Records, for the motorway with the highest percetage of roadworks, I left the club President to report back and he informed me that again there were over 40 players training and with an enthusiasm and determination never seen before in his 40 years at the club.  Mark and the coaching staff, 'Well Done' and I am very sure that the work put in now will pay dividends in the coming season.

Old Yards lads have many talents

Who are these players?

At present we are pleased to see that those who attend training are a mix of young and old, new and experienced, backs and forwards and it is great to see the return of very competent players who have taken a sabatical in one form or another but who are back at the club and chomping at the bit (and I don't mean anything to do with Alan Arkell).

First step to Twickers

The draw for the Midlands Section of the RFU Junior Vase competition has given us a home game against Cannock to be played on Saturday 22nd of September. I don't know too much about them but in the cup you only get one chance so if you want to be in the final at HQ then preparation must be thorough.

International tickets

Contact Mark Baldwin if you wish to receive information about how to acquire tickets for the coming season's matches.

Annual Moss Goode 15 a side competition

There will be a planning meeting at the club on Tuesday of this week at 7.00 for any of you who would like to help in the organisation of this season's curtain-opener which is to take part on saturday 18th August.

Guess Who

Have you ever been in the situation where someone says hello to you and you can't place them.   Anyway, as I was sauntering along the Stratford Road this morning it happened to me. So, I looked at him carefully, biggish bloke, ears a mess so I thought he must be a Rugby player.  Then a clue, I asked him where he was living nowadays and when he replied Stratford it came to me in a flash.  A good old traditional second row, Ainsley Wallace, one of a trio of brothers who played for the Old Ys many years ago.  Ainsley vanished under the rule of thumb (i.e. the missus),  Ian travelled south on a Love Mission, so Tinker told me and Marvin just vanished to the far off land of West Heath.  Ainsley tells me that he reads this website regularly (he must be a clever second row) and that he will make that useful train link from Stratford to Whitlocks End in order to hear tales of the past and to buy us all a drink.  All he needs is a suitable date.

And Finally

Excuse me for yawning but he still hasn't gone.  Agents need special anti-greed treatment and my mate Paul who has a season ticket (must be wealthy) says get rid of him now, he's 29 shortly and remember the fuss about T.Henry,  well as we all know, Mr Wenger knows best.

It makes us proud to see Gabriel in the news again and sometimes its about football.

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