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Tue, 05 Nov 2013 12:00

I will explain the Aussie John  (Gaffey) bit later, but there were a number of options to consider on Saturday, and some chose wisely but others possibly didn't.

First XV
A tight match was predicted as our boys headed off to Southam for a league game.  I don't think that any of our pundits would have predicted the outcome.  The match was abandoned after 20 minutes or so with the score at 5-5.  The reason being that the referee pulled his hamstring,  could not continue and  there was no suitable replacement. The game has to be played again and the allocated date is Saturday 16th November.  Our coaching staff decided that it would be worthwhile watching the England v Australia match and analyse the relevant aspects of the game. Aussie John informed me that the English try should not stand, but, unlike our first team, there were many match officials as well as Television replays and as you know John, the referee is the 'sole judge of fact'.

Development XV
For reasons beyond my understanding, I popped to the club to watch our boys take on Old Halesonians in  a merit league match,  The official attendance was three men and a dog.  We played well in patches, using our heavier pack well but it wasn't quite enough as the visitors had a fairly fast set of three quarters.  The loss of big Dave Langley was a decisive point of the game which the visitors went on to win by 22-14.  It was good to see a young referee who should progress up the ladder to rub shoulders with Wayne Barnes sooner rather than later. Common sense prevailed and I went to watch the match on television just after half-time.

Vandals XV
Mark Baldwin took his troops over to the Hagley area to take on the Halesonians in another merit table match.  In a game with, apparently, a little bit of niggle, the home team sneaked a win by 31-22. The home club website has about 100 match photos if you are remotely interested.  There is another connection with Old H's which I shall describe later.

Arriving earlier this week in order to get parking space as well as bacon sarnie, it was good to see so many youngsters and parents from both our own teams as well as our friends from not too far away, Woodrush.  Watching a lot of games at the same time and discussing the world of sport, again, I have not got a clue as to who won or lost.  In all honesty, the enthusiasm is more important than the score at the final whistle. Aussie John was there with whistle at the ready, but no controversial decisions this time.

Fixtures this coming weekend (Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November)

First XV  
V  Cheltenham North   at Home 2.15  League

Dev  XV   V  Kidderminster  2nds  at Home  2.15  Merit Table

Vandals XV  V  Kidderminster 3rds   Away   2.15  Merit Table

Minis  (Sunday)

Under 7,8,9,11  V  Edwardians  at Home  kick off times,  U7,U8  at 11.00  U9 at 10.45 U11 at 11.15
Under  10, and Under 12  training.

It was good to see.

One time Old Yards battering ram centre/winger/flanker, Simon Brown, now the Duke of Lowsinford, persuaded some of us more vulnerable types to the highlight of the year out in the depths of Warwickshire at Rowington Club and Village Hall.  Simon, thanks, it was truly memorable.  A choice of canned drinks, Carling or Boddies, a banquet served in polystyrene, o.k. fish and chips,  followed by a choc-ice.  Then the main act, a tribute band, so good that I was convinced that ABBA had reformed.
Returning to earlier reference, some of you may remember a quality scrum-half, with a dodgy moustache, by the name of Rob Kings. He once played for Old Halesonians before seeing the light.  He was there and must be a cert for 'Strictly come dancing' in the next series.
Who else was there? but Aussie John.  Rising up the greasy pole of politics, John is, according to the village gossip, a local councillor.Wisely not a dancer,but in your capacity as a future Boris or Ken,please get some bloody street lights set up in your area as soon as electricity becomes available.

And Finally

I really thought that Liverpool played well.  They do say that cream rises to the top. I have just received score from Germany, just like the old days 1-0 to the Arsenal.  Up to Manchester on Sunday and who knows what might happen.

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