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Dr. Graham Shaw

Mon, 23 Dec 2013 12:00

We've received an email from Dr. Graham 'mine's a Shandy' Shaw who has been living and working in Miami Florida for several years but is back in the UK this weekend. He is planning on dropping in to Old Yards on Saturday 28th Dec and would love to have a beer with some of his ex-team mates from the late eighties era (around the time the we first reached the NM Final vs Dudley Kingswinford after beating Hereford in the semis). Off the top of my head that's the likes of; Lee Perks, Robbie Dixon, The Fridge, Darren Collingwood, Kevin Grant, Will Hart, Steve Mancell, Nigel & Bill Burrows, Jan Ullah, Tom Power, Steve Sidwell, Steve Chinn, Sean Kendrick, Rob Masterson, Fergie, Gary Williams, Dave Hansen, Mike Young, John Lonie, Bobo, Paul Gower, John McConnell, Micky Bloxham, Kiwi Thompson, Brett Packer, the list goes on.. We're hoping to have a home game on at the club depending on player availability, but we're currently committed to sending a '2nd' team over to Old Coventrians on that date. ..oops, forgot Simon Pigden, Charlie Jenkins, Squealer, Ralphy Rollins, Arkle (when he really was young and up-and-coming), Hilton Smith, Mogie, Micky the Biker, Enoch etc, etc.. ..my memory is not what it was..

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