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Tue, 22 Jul 2014 12:00

One time utility player at the Yards, Lord Brown of Lowsonford and his lovely wife, Lady Brown, opened the gates of their country estate on Saturday in order to celebrate her Birthday.

Live Music, dancing, Hog Roast,liquid refreshments and intriguing conversation were the order of the night.

Her Ladyship decided that it would be splendid if the guests camped overnight. However, the weather did not make the idea quite so clever. She who likes shopping had earlier in the week purchased a tent and although she rarely gets it wrong, I suspect this was not her most impressive decision.

Hardened Festival campers, The Fagans and the Thornes pitched tents, the Jenkins clan had wisely equipped their white vans with suitable equipment whereas the less brave types like Shannon, Pat and ourselves took the A34 option.

Mystery surrounds the club President and First Lady who pitched their tent but had vanished by the time the Cockerel signalled morning.
Rumours of Simon playing again this season are a result of alcohol intake and are not based on fact.

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