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Mon, 04 Aug 2014 12:00

As I continue the profiling of those Old Yardleians who have made large contributions to our club over the years, see how quickly you can work out the person in question.

When I first met this bloke he told me not to expect too much around the park but that he would scrummage all day if needed.  As I considered his somatotype it became clear enough that he was a front row, always was and always will be.

His playing career started when his father thought following Cardiff City was not the best way of spending his weekends and he made the switch of balls from round to oval.

Employment brought him to the Midlands and the nearest teams to his new locality were Kings Norton and Five Ways.  However, sense prevailed and he happened to drive along Tilehouse Lane where he caught a glimpse of The Old Yardleians. He called in on the following Saturday and was lucky enough to bump into Snake and his life-sentence began.

Highlights of his career are many with his Vandals appearances giving him a good deal of pleasure.  The  low spots are mainly connected to injuries.

His feelings for the club are strong and the people who make the club what it is are special to him.  He enjoys playing against most clubs but is puzzled by the reputation that we have for being over-physical at times.  Rugby is a contact sport but in recent times we have placed greater emphasis on a 15 man style of play so that should make onlookers happy.

As for the future, he feels that we must continue the work being done on Sundays with our younger players who will be the stars in years to come.

Finally, if you think you know our 'Star' if you approach him and say that you could name five Bridgend players who have represented the British Lions, then I am sure that he will share a drink with you.


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