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Farewell Tony Fagan

Fri, 22 Jan 2021 12:00

On a very cold January day with Covid still hitting the records, we did not expect a carnival occasion but a dignified farewell to a great friend.

The Morning began with a cort├Ęge from the Old Yards followed by the service at Holy Souls in Acocks Green. It was a shame that so many regulations had to be followed, but I guess that was the better option available. A short drive to Yardley Crematorium for the concluding part of the service followed.

There were a number of people who I felt deserved mention. These included the priest, Father Jonathan, Rick Thorn who read a Family Tribute, the soloist, Fiona with her incredible voice and the Funeral Directors, Stephen and Philip Painter who are so professional in their work.

Loreta will need support in the not too distant future and would be most welcome to pop into our Rugby Club for a drink on a Saturday afternoon. In fact, I think that I know a few ladies who would be happy to accompany you.
Dave Adams

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